Connecting customers and businesses throughout Zambia is the home of Zambia’s first independent and trusted online business directory. It is highly respected and is widely used throughout Zambia. Get the best possible exposure for your business whether you are in the accommodation, advertising, print, agriculture, automotive, banking, finance, insurance, religious, technical, construction, courier, transport, restaurants, education, embassy, ngo, media, health and fitness, home and garden, manufacturing, mining, marketing, sales, medial, security, real estate sector and much more – you can do business with us. The goal is to help customers find information relating to your business contact information operating hours, visual aids, location details, product information and other useful details. With a simple click of a button you will create a chance for your business to get discovered. Info Zambia has over 15 years’ experience, is a top ranking site on multiple search engines which means that customers will have an easier time finding your business on our platforms. With our new and improved website you can quickly and easily display your business using our online banners and display ads.  Create a profile, login and upload your artwork in a few simple steps with access to edit your information at any given time.

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