Why list your business with InfoZambia?

Feature Rich Listings

We actively promote your business through our online information portal websites and Facebook groups to deliver the best possible exposure for your business.

User Friendly

Just by the click of a button, using a name, category or keywords you will create a chance for them to discover and pursue your organisation maximising your company’s visibility.


Unlike other advertising channels such as newspaper and magazine ads, television or radio, which require fixed (unchangeable) adverts without large investments in production, it is quick and easy to display your ads using our online banner and display ads. Furthermore, it is also FREE to amend your advert – just send us the revised advert and we will change your ad within 48 hours.

Mobile Friendly

With simplified menus, eliminated popups and a search function we make sure your company information looks just as good on phones and tablets as it does on your PC.


InfoZambia was established in 2007. With over 15 years’ experience, we are a top ranking site on multiple search engines, so customers will have an easier time finding YOUR business on OUR websites and Facebook pages. On Google, many businesses are found quicker through InfoZambia than via their own websites.

Fast & Optimised

We use Google Analytics for our site statistics which we can use to provide you with information on listing views and advertising effectiveness etc. We are constantly improving our websites to ensure our SEO (Search Engine Optimization) ranks us high (usually in the top 10).

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How InfoZambia Works

Create Your Own Listing

With display ads, you can be as creative as possible with bright colours, large text or rich media. Display advertising helps create initial interest.

Upload Your Info

With only an image and some text, you can start creating display ad campaigns that will help you drive traffic back to your website through us.

Users Search For Your Business

Infozambia.com uses the latest SEO techniques to help your company get higher rankings on search engines like Google.

Our Listing Packages

Intro Listing

Just Enough To Get You Started
$ 100
Per Year
  • 1 Image
  • Description (50 Words)
  • Company Logo
  • Phone Number
  • Email
  • Single Category

Standard Listing

The standard option.
$ 300
Per Year
  • Everything in Intro Plus:
  • 10 Images
  • Description (200 Words)
  • Whatsapp Number
  • Second Phone Number
  • Second Email
  • Add Your Website
  • 2 Categories

Premier Listing

The Whole Shebang
$ 600
Per Year
  • Everything in Standard Plus:
  • 20 Images
  • Description (500 Words)
  • SEO by InfoZambia
  • Add Special Offers
  • Add Business Hours
  • Connect Your Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn & Twitter
  • Add YouTube Videos
  • 5 Categories
  • For An extra $50 a year we'll mark your Listing as Featured and share it on our InfoZambia Facebook page.

Advertise On Our Sites


Zambia’s first independent online business directory established in 2007. InfoZambia is highly respected and is Zambia’s most widely known business directory is registered with PACRA, and approved by ZDA MIB. It averages 80,000 of visits per month (over 80% traffic in 2020)

It has over 12,501,300 unique page views (December 2020)

It has over 1,000 listed companies/businesses

Over 12,600 likes on our Facebook page


The leading information portal dedicated to providing information to the Expat community in Zambia about life in Zambia. Our slogan says it all “Living and Working in Zambia”. Our target audience is the expat community but even the locals are regular visitors and users of our website to access information particularly for our online properties and to learn more about Zambia. It gets 12,000 visits per month from Expats both in Zambia and abroad.

It has helped over 100,000 visitors since its creation

Over 15,000 active Members in our Facebook group (December 2020)


Top Banner

This is the most visible banner advertisement and the most popular with corporate companies. Featured at the top of every page on the site. Adverts rotate every 6 seconds.

Size – 1200 x 250 pixels

Cost – $2,500 per quarter or $8,000 per year if paid in advance.

Top Side Banner

These adverts feature on every page of the site. Both adverts are valued the same, the lower advert is larger than the top advert. These adverts are static but change as the viewer moves to a new page.

Size – 366 x 300 pixels

Cost – $1,500 / quarter or $5,000/year if paid in advance

Middle Side Banner

These adverts feature on every page of the site. Both adverts are valued the same, the lower advert is larger than the top advert. These adverts are static but change as the viewer moves to a new page.

Size – 366 x 600 pixels

Cost – $1,500 / quarter or $5,000/year if paid in advance

Bottom Banner

Just like the Top Banner this is featured on the home page but at the near the bottom of every page of the site. It is slightly smaller in height than the Top Banner.

Size – 1200 x 150 pixels.

Cost – $ 1,000 per quarter or $3,500 per year if paid in advance.

Special InfoZambia Promo Banner

This is featured in the center of the homepage and it is great for promotional use

i.e. when 1st listed or special offers. Visible on the Home page only.

Size – 750w x 300h

Cost – $800 / month