Lusaka Chamber of Commerce

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1209 Addis Ababa Drive, Rhodes Park, Lusaka, Zambia
4 Addis Ababa Drive Lusaka Lusaka Province ZM
+260 978 980170, +260 955 229501+260 978 980170, +260 955 229501

Who are we?


The voice of Business…..


The Lusaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI) whose theme is ‘The voice of businesses’; is an independent organisation whose mandate is to defend and support the common interests of its members by promoting a business friendly environment. This is achieved through networking businesses and professional people to ameliorate the performance of its members.


Mission Statement


To carry out productive research so as to promote investment and development of all economic activities by standing on behalf of the business community in Lusaka province.




  • To act as a liaison between different business entities, the government and local authorities.
  • To promote development in trade, commerce and industrial activities of Lusaka, locally and internationally.
  • To collect information and general statistics regarding all matters of commercial and industrial interest.
  • To promote high standards of business ethics and practice.




Services are provided to the members at a nominal fee….

  • Providing information that may be of interest to members
  • Allow members to use chamber facility such as boardroom to have meetings.
  • Market and advertise through our Newsletters, Website, email blast daily updates.
  • Exclusive discounts and savings available to chamber members only.



  • LCCI Executive team visit with your option of media to give you coverage
  • One free invitation card to one event during calendar year
  • One month free banner advertising on our Daily Business News Circulation
  • Notices to free entry Business Forums and Networking Events.
  • Free Company Logo appearance on our Chamber website during the paid year
  • LCCI Certificate which is internationally recognised



Further activities include; Meetings, Workshops, Seminars, business Forums, Indabas and various other events; Networking opportunities that are proven to increase awareness and support your business or organisation. Business awards, AGM, Breakfast meetings, Open Days, Expos, Chamber shows


Enable your business to gain publicity and attract new customers through active participation in the events already alluded to and many more. We welcome you on board and together, we can support your investment and give it the necessary visibility in the business community.


How to join

Become a Member….

Complete the membership form and submit it to Lusaka Chamber office located at 60 Manchinchi Road, Northmead Lusaka with payment in the following categories

The membership is divided in three categories and subscription assigned per category as follows; Corporate [K5000], Medium [3000] and SMEs [2000] per annum

Who can join?

Membership is drawn from all sectors…..

Members of the chamber are heterogeneous, meaning they come from all sectors of the economy (Traders, Manufacturers, Services).Your business could be large, medium or small in size. The chamber has the obligation to represent and serve all members in matters that they have in common that means across sector interests.


Why Us

What we do

The chamber will work with you and for you…

Lusaka Chamber will act as a liaison between different business entities, The Government and Local authorities in the entire province of Lusaka.

The chamber will carry out productive policy research so as to promote investment and development of all economic activities by representing the business community in Lusaka.

The chamber will collect information and general statistics regarding all matters of commercial and industrial interest.



Some benefits that can be drawn from the Chamber……..

  • The Chamber will provide information to the members regarding local and international matters likely to affect their business.
  • Business environment is monitored on behalf of the members while business persons concentrate on running their business.
  • Members will grow their network
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