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This is defined as the inability of a man to make a woman pregnant through natural sexual intercourse. This is presented in forms including:

  1. Erectile dysfunctions; the man fails to deposit his semen which contains sperms into the woman’s vagina.
  2. Spermatozoa quality and quantity; Spermiogram is a microscopic examination report of the quality n quantity is a semen sample.

The conditions below will be observed from the spermiogram.

  1. Oligozoospermia;

This is a condition associated with low sperm counts. This can be severe with sperm counts of less than 5 million per milliliter of semen. Moderate with sperm counts of 5 to 15 million sperms per milliliter of semen. Cryptozoospermia also falls here and in these cases the sperms are too few to see on routine microscope slides and counting chambers. Such samples are analyzed under very high resolution after centrifugal concentration.

  1. Asthenozoospermia;

This condition is associated with quality. The quality in question is the motility which encompasses the progression of sperms. In this case, the quantity is good but the total motility and progression is below 45% of the total concentration.

  1. Teratozoospermia;

This again looks at the quality of sperms. The morphology of sperms determines many other qualities of the sperm cells. Poor morphology will affect net motility and progression. It can also be associated with poor DNA integrity. 

There are some semen samples which present a combination of the above conditions.

  1. Azoospermia;

This implies total absence of sperm cells in a sample. This conclusion rules out cryptozoospermia and can be confirmed by hormonal blood tests, physical exams and ultimately biopsy.

At Lusaka IVF and fertility clinic, we can help you identify your condition and offer you treatment.

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