10:36:58 am  Tuesday, 21st  April 2015

Klein Karoo Seed Zambia Limited


Our Mission and Vision is to supply high quality seed, advice and professional services to our clients around the world and to provide our producers with advanced technical support, with a higher level of reliability and stability, than any other similar organization in the world.

Klein Karoo Seed specialise in the production of high quality vegetable seed, with specific reference to onion, carrot, garden beet, cabbage, cauliflower and leek seed. We also produce a wide range of other vegetable seed on a smaller scale. Our company focus is on three major markets.

  1. Professional farmers,for vegetable seed, pasture seed and agronomical seed.

  2. The seed export market

  3. Home gardeners and small part time farmers.

Seed of excellent quality is being marketed in different packaging sizes and various value added products to these specialized markets

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Plot 7403 Mungwi Road,Krimvani Park., ,
+260 211 840 949
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