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Global Weighing Equipment limited is a Zambian company providing a comprehensive range of weighing products and services to address virtually all weighing and other measurement requirements.

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Global Weighing Equipment limited is a Zambian company providing a comprehensive range of weighing products and services to address virtually all weighing and other measurement requirements.

They are the official Distributor for Avery Weigh-Tronix & Avery Berkel equipment in Zambia and DRC territories.

Comprising of a Product Business Unit and a Service Business Unit, with branches in Lusaka and Kitwe, they are focused on specific customer needs.

Services provided are:

This support is provided to the whole spectrum of the Zambian economy, including but not limited to:

Global Weighing Equipment stocks and supply on demand a full range of Industrial weighing scales and systems including check weighers, rail scales, floor scales, counting scales, systems, software components, and peripherals for almost any business-related weighing requirement suiting the specific needs and size of your operation.

Weighbridges and Industrial Weighing Scales

Avery Weigh-Tronix’s truck scales and weighbridges are reliable, accurate and tough. Our floor scales, forklift truck scales, conveyor scales and bench scales are as tough and reliable as our larger scales, with a higher degree of precision.

The weighbridges are built to last with a rugged design, robust weight sensors and high quality manufacturing – all backed by industry-leading warranty options. These rugged vehicle scales can be either surface or pit mounted, depending on the location and use of the scale. A wide variety of weighbridges will suit any application, for specialised vehicle weighing or where portability is required, Axle Weighers are a cost effective solution, providing fast and accurate axle and gross weight information for all vehicle types. Avery Weigh-Tronix weighbridges can be paired with a range of indicators, software and accessories for a complete weighing and data management solution.

Bench Scales

Bench Scales are available in an extensive range of size, capacity and finish to suit your working environment be it in a bakery, abattoir, butchery or grain milling plant. This includes specialised weighing requirements like Check weighing. Featuring food-grade, stainless steel construction, special wash down plastics or equipment certified for use in the food industry and beyond with visibility of weighing data and statistics.

Platform Scales and Floor Scales

Robust, accurate and built to last, these platform scales are available in a range of sizes and capacities to suit every application. Counting Scales for highly accurate industrial counting scales for use in part counting and inventory control.

For more specialised industrial applications, we have Process Weighing Solutions for continual monitoring of materials in silos.

For discharging by weight or weighing products on the move, we offer a range of process weighing solutions to meet your business needs.

Load Cells & Weighbars

Our load cells and Weighbars can be placed underneath tanks, silos and vessels to create a complete weighing system. These vessel weighing systems include sophisticated applications for process control, recipe formulation and data transmission.

Our comprehensive range of Load Cells and Weigh Bars includes analogue, digital and vibrating beam load cells and the innovative weigh bar transducers.

Conveyer Belt Scales

Conveyor Belt Scales integrate into any industrial process that needs items to weigh as they pass through. They are ideally suited for check weighing, straight weighing and weight accumulation operations. Forklift Truck Scales turns an ordinary forklift truck into a mobile scale.

Forklift Truck Scales

Highly durable and accurate, our forklift truck scales are able to weigh even when the mast is tilted or on unlevel ground. Onboard weighing systems for under body and skip systems are very robust and can provide not only gross vehicle weight (GVW) but also net, tare and several alarms on tipper trucks and other rigid body vehicles.

Weight Indicators

Our range of highly-intelligent Weight Indicators are designed for any weighing application and are customizable to suit your application. These indicators are supplied standard with connectivity to external devises like PCs, Printers and networks using common protocols for serial and Ethernet communication.

Our software solutions (Truck Scales / Weighbridge Software, Industrial Weighing Software, Rail Weighing Software) transform your raw weight information into business intelligence, allowing you to analyze and optimize your weighing operation. From weighbridge information, loading and despatch data management to process product flow monitoring, we have various software solutions to meet your needs.

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