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The Happy World of 5fm Radio broadcasts on 89.9MHz. It is an upmarket ADULT CONTEMPORARY RADIO STATION.

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Sunday 05:50 – 24:00
Monday 05:50 – 24:00
Tuesday 05:50 – 24:00
Wednesday 05:50 – 24:00
Thursday 05:50 – 24:00
Friday 05:50 – 24:00
Saturday 05:50 – 24:00

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  • Plot No. 9945 Kabelenga Road,Opposite Levy Junction
    Lusaka, Zambia
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THE HAPPY WORLD OF 5fm Radio - 89.9MHz

5fm Radio was granted a full broadcasting license on 1st April 2004 to broadcast 24 hours within a radius of 250 kilometres. We have a 500 watts transmitter.

We are an adult contemporary radio station with a menu revolving around serious talk shows and community targeted programmes on governance issues, socio-economic subjects and health.

5fm Radio is the brain child of the legendary award winning veteran broadcaster Mr. Matteo Johnson Phiri or “Mattipi” as he is commonly known. He is the Managing Director and has been in the broadcasting field for over 40 years!


True to our motto “Freedom of Expression for Good” we consciously avoid broadcasting content that we consider inflammatory or propaganda.
We offer independent news bulletins and quality adult music of yesteryears. This includes jazz, Congolese rumba and old school Zambian music.

Currently the station opens at 05:50 – 24:00hrs daily with news headlines on the hour while our main news bulletins are broadcast at 06:15; 12:45 and 18:30hrs every day.

All talk shows and other discussion programmes are presented as live phone-ins so as to get broader community participation.
All programmes are prepared in English although commercial adverts in vernacular are accepted.

We also air Health programmes with a focus on HIV/AIDS, religious programmes on Sundays and ‘Problem Corner’ an inter-active discussion programme attempting to find solutions to various problems of a social nature.

5fm Listenership

5fm Radio has been accepted by both the young and old despite its adult contemporary tag and is piped as in-house entertainment by a number of high profile business houses including as banks, supermarkets and government offices. We are also the overwhelming station of choice for minibus and taxi drivers. Our listenership ranges from 500 to 1,000 people per 15 minute segment on any given day.

Studio Facilities

We have facilities that are capable of generating commercials and programmes for broadcast on any other station. The on air studio is for live programmes only.



You may ask yourself how we do this. How a station with personality like 5fm Radio could have advertising rates that are very low. But low rates do not equate to quality or results.

Economical rates mean continued steady growth and accessibility for YOU the advertiser. You could put a month long campaign on low rates and achieve maximum results that could have taken you months to manage on a bigger budget on some radio stations.


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