The Hut

Located right in the heart of Kitwe town centre is an amazingly warm and open restaurant that offers so much more than food and drinks.

Contact Details

  • 69 Enos Chomba Avenue
    Town Centre, Kitwe
    Copperbelt, Zambia
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The Hut restaurant is a jewel in the crown of our town. With lots of toys to keep the little ones at bay without having to ask them to sit still, it is a place that everybody will always be glad to be together.

The bar is first rate, the food is excellent, the staff for some reason are always smiling and when the sun says its slow goodbye over the pretty little garden you still wont want to leave because then the lights come on.

In Vegas they say they keep the lights on so patrons wont know the time and cant leave. For us, day or night we are in full glory and our gates remain open to welcome you all. Have a seat, take a bite and welcome home.