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We are a firm of highly skilled family therapists and counselling professionals who are trained to work with children, young people, youths, adults, carers, other professionals and organisations or systems. Our aim is not to take sides, blame, or provide simple answers. Rather, we aim to engage individuals and family members in finding constructive ways to help each other.

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    Lusaka, Zambia
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We work in ways that acknowledge the contexts of people's families and other relationships by sharing and respecting individuals' different perspectives, beliefs, views and stories, and exploring possible ways forward. Thus, we not only support change with individuals but also in their relationships in the family and beyond; so children, young people, adults and/or those important to them are supported in continued recovery. All sessions are offered with a commitment to respect, protect and preserve the confidentiality of the clients.

A J Family psychology & consultancy:

A J family solutions & consultancy is a psychology, family and systems based therapy consultation centre in Lusaka, Zambia. Services offered include providing psychotherapy/ counselling to individuals, couples and families (including children), providing a supervision service to counsellors and providing a consultation service to Organisations including schools. Specialist interests in health related research and managing the transition between paediatric health services and adult health services.

We are members of the United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP), members of the UKCP college for family, Couple and systemic Therapy (CFCST), members of The Association for Family Therapy & Systemic Practice ( AFT) and members of the Health Professionals Council of Zambia ( HPCZ).

Angela Koni is a mental health professional; a family and systemic psychotherapist, and founder of AJ Family Psychology & consultancy practice. The practice is a psychology, family and systems based therapy consultation centre providing services in the united Kingdom and in Lusaka, Zambia.

What is Family Therapy?

Families are small and unique communities. Like all communities they sometimes get into difficulties through their differences with one another, or feel the strain when members experience troubles.

Family and Systemic Psychotherapy

often called Family Therapy - helps people in close relationship help each other. It enables individuals and family members to express and explore difficult thoughts and emotions safely, to understand each other’s experiences and views, appreciate each other’s needs, build on family strengths and make useful changes in their relationships and their lives. Sometimes it doesn’t take much to help an individual or a family free up their strengths; sometimes difficulties are more complex and families may need longer to find solutions that work for them.

Family Therapists' areas of particular experience and expertise include:

How might it help me and my family?

Research shows Family Therapy is useful for children, youths, young people and adults experiencing a wide range of difficulties and circumstances, as well as relationship problems.

What happens in family therapy?

You will see a therapist or counsellor working alone or in a team or in partnership with colleagues. The Family Therapists acknowledge the importance of peoples’ different beliefs, cultures and tribes, contexts and life experiences, and will adapt their ways of working according to family members’ ages, needs, resources and preferences. Sessions involving children, for example, will often include play and drawing. The Family Therapist will discuss with you and your family how you might wish to work together.

Most individuals and families experience serious difficulties sometimes. If it feels your individual or family relationships are suffering, if you’re no longer sure what to do for the best or family members seem stuck in repeating patterns of hurtful or harmful behaviour, Family Therapy may help.

Angela Koni on UKCP
Association for Family Therapy & Systemic Practice


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